Taylor Desseyn

Personal Website

Taylor is a skilled people connector, dedicated to helping individuals find their perfect career fit. With over 10+ years of expertise in facilitating ideal matches within the IT industry, he has successfully helped over 600+ engineers find their dream jobs. Recently, Taylor embraced a new path, delving into the world of software engineering, and is now a dedicated Talent Advocate at Gun.io.

Taylor’s knack for creating community shines through his use of social media and content creation. He’s a team-scaling expert, with an emphasis on team growth happening the right way. Currently, his focus is helping job seekers find opportunities faster and engineering leaders hire more efficiently.

Beyond recruitment, Taylor hosts podcasts, engages with an ever-growing texting/email community, and speaks at conferences– all to build a thriving tech community nationwide. His mission is simple yet impactful: to show people they’re not alone in the job search while providing valuable support and insights every step of the way.