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Rob Coyle

Growing up with a multigenerational background in construction, my early education was rooted in hard work, hands-on experience, and a strong sense of community. My background and education in aviation systems, combined with a deep passion for technology, led me to the data center sector. There, I quickly recognized the critical need for innovation and sustainability in these mission-critical environments.

Leveraging my expertise in mechanical and electrical systems, I have grown my career by championing open-source, modular data center solutions. I am dedicated to breaking down barriers to sustainability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. I firmly believe that an open approach to data center infrastructure is essential for achieving a more sustainable future.

I have experienced firsthand the power of community and collaborative knowledge-sharing, particularly through my involvement in the Open Compute Project. My commitment is to support communities that empower individuals and drive meaningful change. I am passionate about removing technical obstacles, enabling people and organizations to focus on their goals and passions.

As a torchbearer for open computational infrastructure, I am driven by purpose and a commitment to community and sustainability. Join me on my journey, where innovation meets tradition, and where collaboration fuels progress toward a more sustainable future.