2024 Theme: Home to the Mothership

Every year lots of time and effort are put into coming up with a new design theme. We feel it’s extremely important as it serves as the basis of the website, shirt, poster, and overall event and “vibe”.

This year the theme is “Home to the Mothership“.

Since 2013 we’ve built the ATO community as a place where educationnetworkingkindness and diversity are valued and promoted. And over the years, more than 40,000 humans have attended and participated from all over the globe.

In 2024 we’re inviting all 40,000 back to Raleigh to join us in October.

Come back to the “mothership” and see the wonderful people and smiling faces that make open source what it is – an opportunity for personal growth and contribution, and an opportunity to make software and technology better for the world at large.

Have questions about joining us? Contact us at [email protected].

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